ATM Access Australia Limited

The ATM Access Code

The ATM Access Code:

  • gives eligible Access Seekers the right to establish, on transparent price and non-price terms:
    • Direct Connections to those Members that are directly connected to the ATM network; and
    • Direct Clearing/Settlement Arrangements to those Members that directly clear and settle; and

  • obliges all Members (including Access Seekers that become Members) to engage in ATM Interchange Activities with each other, such that:
    • each Member’s cardholders will be able to withdraw cash and initiate balance enquiries at all ATMs that are owned (or acquired) by each other Member;
    • Members will accept and process transactions generated by their cardholders at all ATMs that owned (or acquired) by each other Member; and
    • interchange fees for ATM Transactions are replaced with the right of Acquirers to direct charge (subject to some exceptions).

The ATM Access Code refers to, and is intended to operate in conjunction with, an Access Regime for the ATM System determined by the RBA, pursuant to the Payment Systems (Regulation) Act. The RBA’s Access Regime regulates the amounts that an Access Seeker can be required to pay to establish a Direct Connection or a Direct Clearing/Settlement Arrangement under the ATM Access Code and deals with interchange fees for ATM Transactions.

Potential Access Seekers should review the ATM Access Code , the Access Regime for the ATM System and the Introductory Guide to the Access Code.